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Google, Amazon — up in the air

done1Sometimes the United States government acts with remarkable good sense. It has refused to allow Google to test its prototype drone delivery system in the United States. So it is being tested on a property — a massive farm — in Queensland. For prototype drone delivery system read unmanned jet and you can see the objections. The US government has made a good decision.
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Amazon v Hachette Round 2

Kindle1Steve Dent writing in Engadget brings us up-to-date on the Amazon and Hachette punch up. And it is a punch up. More than the little tiff — unless he was being ironic –that Steve Dent refers to.  Much is at stake.
Simply put Amazon wants to sell all ebooks at $10 a pop or less.
Hachette thinks the prices should be set according to the title and the author. And Hachette want s more of the money. Two sides fighting to control a massive market.
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The short-distance jogger

Run5I have just come back from my morning jog. (Not a run, a jog and that is being kind.)
I am warm, somewhat sweaty and it is just coming up to 6am which is right because I started my jog at 5am.
I have run much longer distances — half marathons with no other runners to compete with — but this is but a gentle lollop. The picture is not me. It is my mate Richard Williams warm and sweaty after having run a half-marathon to the Shwe Dagon Pagoda. There’s romance.
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Free books exist but be careful

fb3If you cannot get a publisher to publish your books could you let your books be sold — wrong word but it will do — by a publisher, a web-site offering free books. I know there exists a concept called Vanity publishing where you pay to have your book published. A concept I cannot understand.
This is a new world to me except in the case of Gutenberg and after freely exploring the sites I had a hot shower.

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Bond said: ‘Meet Paul’

Hamlyn2James Bond introduced me to Paul Hamlyn in late 1956. I was 23 and working on Smith’s Trade News.
James Bond came up to me and said: ‘You have to meet Paul Hamlyn.’ Alright, it wasn’t actually James Bond but close.
The first James Bond book, Casino Royale, came out in 1954 and was available as a paperback about 1956 or very late 1955. This was the first of the James Bond thrillers from Ian Fleming which were, yes, a publishing phenomenon.
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