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Writing answers all ills

henriette KlauserEven in these dog day days when we are in a festal season and the living is easy I still write. I still, in truth I write every day. I like writing. It is for me a hobby, a solace, and a form of friendly comfort. I need no other reason for writing. I use a keyboard. This time i am hammering away on a Lexmark (perhaps the best keyboard ever made) but, in truth, anything keyboard will do that comes to hand.
I started with a an Underwood that you hammered if you wanted a result and progressed upwards.
What I did not do was handwrite.
My handwriting, is to be polite, appalling. It is a matter of great pleasure to me that I have a son who has handwriting, that is, if that were possible, worse.
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Riding idiocy

Yes, yes, I can be very boring on this subject. But I seriously believe exerciseOne_Leg_Cycling_Drill is good for you. My own preference is running but it you prefer cycling, swimming or what ever I will cheer you on. Exercise is a good thing. But sometimes it attracts nut cases. People who are not the full quid. People who read like something created by Lemuel Gulliver. Enter scientists at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm. They are indeed the nutty fringe.

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Mandy Rice Davis dies

VARIOUSLast week Mandy Rice Davis died of cancer.  Of all of the members of the cast of slight shoddy players in what became known as the Profumo affair the only one  with some style, some presence, was Mandy Rice Davis.
Bluntly, almost everyone else looked tawdry. Especially the ministers of the British government of the day.
If I had to chose between one of them and Mandy Rice Davis I would not hesitate.


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Dash your stress, I think

coueAnyone who knows me in the slightest knows I think exercise is a good thing. In my case it is running and perhaps a small amount of tai chi. I do not need scientific proof for doing this. I enjoy, it keeps my blood pressure and pulse normal and my weight around average.
That is really all I know and it is really all I need to know. Moderate exercise is good for you.
In the United States some entrepreneurs produce sites which seem to suggest they have found the secret to eternal life and have scientific phrases to go along with it.
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You want to be an author?

There is a most excellent article by David Carnoy (seen here)  on self-publishpubplus1ing a book: 25 things you need to know. In it is a small error where he refers to ‘critics’ as ‘crickets’ but otherwise it is totally brilliant and, certainly from the Australian perspective, right on the mark. The USA may be different but I doubt it.
He went the traditional route. Worked on it for several year, got an agent. And got nowhere. The book was possibly publishable. Carnot could not find a publisher.
So he though why not try self-publishing? Here he sums up the situation with great accuracy: ‘What I found was a mine-field with roads that forked in every direction and very few clear answers.

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Who flew first?

pearse3No one is going to believe me until they do a bit of research. And that is OK. No one ever did believe easily on this subject.
I am seen, even in New Zealand, where the first powered flight did take place (explanation coming why I believe this is true), as a fruit and nut case for going on and on about this. It matters not. I believe that, at the very least, there is room for serious exploration into the claim that the first manned flight was in New Zealand.

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Not worth fixing

$_1 (2)

We are getting to the stage where it is not worth fixing a computer. Where it is quicker, easier and frequently cheaper to buy a new machine. This is the case in Australia and, in some cases, in Britain. I would not be surprised if it applied worldwide.
With me it all started with my Samsung Galaxy 3. It stopped working. At a guess it was the battery — but that is just a guess. Before I sent it off for repair I telephoned a very reputable repair shop which has done a lot of work for me.

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When Bobby beat me at pool

bobbydarin4It was in the very early sixties and I was out drinking in Hollywood with my friend, the agent, Dave Brown. We had originally worked together as editors and I had published the book that made his wife famous – Sex and the Single Girl. (Originally called Sex for the Single Girl but changed as that title was though too risque.) This was before she went and found even more fame and immense fortune as the editor of Cosmopolitan. We did not like each other and she disapproved of her husband associating with me. Tough.)

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