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On not writing

Yesterday I ran. Only two hundred steps but that is the way to restart. Why I have been absent from running (and from Sorgai) for so long — it seems like an age — is because of an unhappy accident. parham-garden40-1580x780-300x270
On June 16 I went for a long run — two and a half hours. No strain. Wonderful weather. Lots of deer. More rabbits than Watership Down.
Next morning, June 17, I decided to go for a much shorter run. Planned 50 minutes. Started off at 4.40 am. Glorious sunlight.

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Lewis Carroll – innocent?

alice1Let us agree that Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland is a wonderful book. I first read it when I was about seven and was struck with wonder. I have read it several times since and the wonder simply does not go away.
It is, for me, like a literary way of taking LSD. Now Anthony Lane in the New Yorker has written a review of The Story of Alice by Robert Douglas-Fairhurst who is a professor of English at Oxford. He lives near the college where Lewis Carroll — or more correctly the Reverend Charles Lutwidge Dodgson — taught maths and wrote Alice in Wonderland.
In July, 1862, Dodgson – Lewis Carroll –  went rowing, one afternoon, with a friend Robinson Duckworth and his three young sisters—Lorina, Alice, and Edith  Continue reading Lewis Carroll – innocent?