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No driver means panic

Not that I am against cars that drive and navigate themselves. In fact, I am all for it. Especially as they have taken my license away and there is very little hope I will ever get it back. So I am at liberty to relax and wonder about the safety of these self-drive cars. I would be suspicious anyway but other things combine to raise by apprehension level.
SatnaverrorWhen I run in England I am in Storrington and my way is through a deer park. On the way there I pass a Roman Catholic Church. Nearby is a big sign.
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Learning on a pill

Negro1Nicholas Negroponte has a tendency to get it right. He is one of the great brains of this world. Despite the fact that he suffers from a form of dyslexia and has trouble reading he still manages to look at the wider world of technology and get it right.
He is the founder and Chairman Emeritus of Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Media Lab, and also founded the One Laptop per Child Association which, yes, has the power to change the world.
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Not worth fixing

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We are getting to the stage where it is not worth fixing a computer. Where it is quicker, easier and frequently cheaper to buy a new machine. This is the case in Australia and, in some cases, in Britain. I would not be surprised if it applied worldwide.
With me it all started with my Samsung Galaxy 3. It stopped working. At a guess it was the battery — but that is just a guess. Before I sent it off for repair I telephoned a very reputable repair shop which has done a lot of work for me.

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What is a gadget blog?

hotry1I have a friend named Jeremy Horey. No, lets start that again. I had a friend called Jeremy Horey who was the computer editor of The Australian which he did remarkably well. He kept me on my toes — I was on the opposition — so I decided to take a very different tack from him. Ignore mainframes and industry news pretty much and concentrate on what the readers used and knew at least something about. We got on very well. And as far as I know he never lost his cool which in the world of computers is saying something. And, as far as I know, he is still out there somewhere in the world of computers.
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What a load of bollocks

Monkeys1Torrent Freak  starts up a hare, possibly because it wants copy to fill its pages. And, as a result, some people who should know better, are worried.
TorrentFreak reads: Imagine an Internet in which every possible creative work uploaded results in a copyright claim – because it’s already been created. That’s the nightmare scenario being painted by a Russian company which says it has a plan to use copyright and trolling to free humans from ever having to create digital content again.
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Computer typography made it

gutenberg_1Fascinating to see how wrong we tend to be when forecasting the future. I can access back copies of many newspapers through the magic of computers and the truly helpful (I cannot emphasize this enough) librarians at the State Library of New South Wales.
One practical tip: If you want speedy access from your home computer choose times when students are asleep, drinking or engaging in other student-type activities. Then the data base is twice as fast. Perhaps faster.
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Jeff Bezos needs a little nudge

Bezos1Jeff Bezos is a brilliant chap who, with Amazon, a wonderful iconic company, has transformed publishing and reading.
Pretty much I am always am on his side although I have never met the man. I am an admitted Kindle tragic and I have immense admiration for the arrangement of the Amazon list. I have never met Jeff Bezos. Probably never will.  Would like to just to voice my admiration.
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A copyright puzzle

oz3Coming up on the Australian Internet is an odd situation. As has been shown Australia is seriously taken by the Internet. But some of that traffic is taken up with naughty chaps who are nicking videos and games and breaking copyright. (I have illustrated this with Game of Thrones because the illo is nice and it seems to be a popular Internet game.)
Note there is no mention of books. It may be that government officials cannot read anything that is not couched in inpenetrable government language. This is not an official theory. Just one I thought up for the occasion. Still, it could be true. Possibly. Perhaps. Maybe.

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Sorgai wants the improbable

Yes, I want the improbable. Kindle1But not the impossible. I admit am a Kindle Paperwhite tragic. Have been since I first used one. I seriously think it is the best electronic device I have ever come across. (He would say that, wouldn’t he because he writes books and used to publish them?) Wrong. I am unbiased in any way. I have collections of books, about two thousand in this house alone, and I want to convert them to ebooks. I am getting there. Slowly. Slowly. It matters not. It is a most delightful hobby.
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