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posted by his children, with love

On the evening of 16 September, 2016, Gareth passed away at Sacred Heart Hospice in Darlinghurst, New South Wales, Australia. He spent his last days surrounded by his five children.

Gareth Powell was born in Caerwys, Wales, on 26 May, 1934. He was the seventh child of Thomas Powell and Blodwen Hughes Powell.

As a young man, Gareth served as a sergeant with the Royal Armoured Corps and the Intelligence Corps. After his time in service, Gareth was Managing Director of two London publishing houses, Mayflower Books and then the New English Library, and achieved a measure of notoriety for publishing Fanny Hill for the former and The Carpetbaggers for the latter.

In Australia, he published magazines — including men’s magazine Chance International and women’s magazine POL — and several books under Gareth Powell Associates (including the bestseller Now You’ll Think I’m Awful). He was a contributing writer to Playboy and an editor for the Sydney Morning Herald, the Hong Kong Standard, and China Economic Review. He wrote 24 books under various publishers, including Random House and Allen & Unwin. Gareth achieved acclaim under many hats — publisher, journalist, author, and editor.

Gareth is survived by his wife of 30 years, Jenny, and his loving children, Sian, David, Tom, Ben, and Roo. He also leaves previous wives Brenda and Josephine, four siblings, six grandchildren, numerous nieces and nephews, and many dear friends and colleagues all over the world.

His family wishes to thank the staff at Sacred Heart Hospice for their kindness and care in Gareth’s final days.

Family, friends, and colleagues are invited to a special send-off in his honour on Friday, 23 September, at 3 p.m. at the Clovelly Bowling Club, 1 Ocean St., Clovelly 2031.


For me, a wondrous history

oldmamsmallerAn amazing discovery. My sister, Rhiannon, who lives in Geneva, is a very determined person. If she sets her mind to something it gets done.
Athough we are next to each other in the Powell pecking order we have never been the best of friends. Or enemies. She has gone her way, I mine. Having said that she has my unbounded admiration and has been wonderfully kind to her younger relatives. So that is Rhiannon, sometimes called Nanw. But this picture is of my Mam and was taken August 17, 1918.

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I saw angels

AngelsI keep trying to write my autobiography and keep getting to emotional bits (normally about my family) and I have to stop and go and do something else to regain my equilibrium.
This first bit is about me nearly dying and seeing angels. They were, of course, not angels but astragals.
The story goes that Pope Gregory the Great saw some fair-haired and fair-skinned slaves in a slave market in Italy, and was told that they were Angles. ‘Not Angles but angels,’ he replied. For me it was ‘Not angels but astragals.

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