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The grand piano review

kropp2In the May 27, 1967 edition of The Bangkok Post there appeared a  curious story.  It later appeared around the world and was taken as gospel. It was published a week or so later in The Australian. Note that the Bangkok Post had been edited on the day before the appearance of the story which – and we can be sure this was a coincidence – was my 33rd birthday and I was in Bangkok travelling to Sydney.  From where I went to work for The Australian. Total coincidence.
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Venery undefined

larksDo you speak of a joyousness of terpsichoreons. What about an intoxication of journalists? OK. They are not funny and perhaps memorable for half a second. People do not talk like that. Not normally. And in my experience never.
And yet another book has come out telling us of a jubilation of larks as seen on the left and similar terms which are  technically called venery. Think coldly for a moment.  Here is a country yokel walking through a field and he see a lot of birds which are larks. And he says, ‘Ah! A jubilation of larks.’  No he does not and to suggest he does is a nonsense.

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Diplomatic humor


ArchibaldClerkKerrAt the height of World War II on April 6th, 1943 the British ambassador to Moscow, Archibald Clark Kerr, later Baron Inverchapel, wrote a splendid letter to the Foreign Office Minister. Later he got amazing diplomatic instructions on how to deal with Joseph Stalin from Winston Churchill, prime minister of Britain.
An eventful life but it is the letter he sent that has gained him fame.

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