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No, I am not rushing you a reply

Somebody had to do it: imagesput a stop watch on how long it takes to return an email. The USC Viterbi School of Engineering in Southern California put their researchers on to it and the results, while not astounding have explained to me, at least, where my problems lie.
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Malkovich the Great

EinsteinJohn Malkovich is a genius you keep forgetting about. (Alright I keep forgetting about. Why should you be blamed?)
He is a great actor. He is not the greatest of actors in the world. Not in my opinion. But as second lead, in character roles he is frightening, believable, memorable, truly great. In this picture he not only depicts Einstein, he is Einstein. There is a phrase used by actors about getting into the skin of a character. Here is Malkovich showing how it is done.
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The name is the same

If you have anything published, or if anyone publishes something about you, it is there on the Internet until, I think, the crack of doom.  Sometimes that is a good thing. Sometimes bad.
When I was young, Gareth was quite a rare name even in Wales. (I had a brother Rheinallt which was even more unusual.) Luckily if you enter in a search term for Gareth Powell you mostly get a science fiction writer called Gareth L. Powell.

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Spam can give you indigestion

spam2There is a ringing. You pick up the phone. First there is a clicking and a hissing and a buzzing and then a voice, not American, not British, not Australian says: ‘Hello Mr Powell, how are you today?”
It then goes on to tell me how to adjust my telephone account to my advantage. Sometimes the voice states it comes from Telstra, the Australian telephone service. Sometimes it states it is a Telstra provider.
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