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I will not be lengthy

malcom1I have this friend living in Paris. His name is Malcolm and we knew each other in Australia. He had a web site now he is into marketing with stuff on the Internet. You can find one of his great ads here.
He does not agree with me in one area — length of article. I follow newspaper tradition by trying to keep every thing to 800 words or less. My brain is locked into that size. When I do a book, and I have not does one lately it is a series of 800 word articles linked together.
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Books behind bars

Grayling1During my short, very short, travail in Wandsworth prison I was allowed three books to read. I was not given a choice of books. Just three books. One I remember well. It was Three Men on the Bummel by Jerome Klapka Jerome (he wrote Three Men in a Boat. ) and it was quite as dreadful as it sounds. But it was a book. And I read it — I read all three from cover to cover. Then did it again.

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The British class system lives

David-Mellor-at-Buckingha-010The old class system nonsense has risen its ugly head over the UK yet again. I left there when I was 33 purely because I could not stand the English class system. (Note the Scottish and the Irish may have class systems but I have never noticed them.) But the English class system is alive and well and living at all sorts of levels. It was particularly horrid in book publishing where I effectively enjoyed — I admit to enjoying it for a while, to being an outcast.
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The corpse is being hurried

news1I think I should go out on a limb here. The worst that can happen to me as a result is I will be torn to pieces.
Speaking of Australia first.
In twelve months from today there will be no printed daily newspapers. They will be as dead as a dodo. All sort of editorials will point out that this is not death as we know it.
Yes, it is.
There will still be the weekly stuff they throw into your front garden to get wet and soggy and which contains as news stuff you would never have considered a filler.
Newspapers, as we knew newspapers, will be dead with some few, very, very few exceptions.

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Liza and Gorton — the truth

Liza3Perhaps the time has come to publish the truth about John Grey Gorton and Liza Minelli. Almost everything possible was suggested by the press. As I was there and saw it all I may as well tell the true story.
Movie Crazed , alone of all the sites,  nearly gets it right. As it turns out, the affair with John G. Gorton, Prime Minister of Australia, never even reached the super-friend status. Continue reading Liza and Gorton — the truth

Newspapers are dead

imgresCory Doctorow in BoingBoing has written a short piece with the provocative but truthful heading:  Newspapers are, pretty much, dead. It follows on after an article in BoingBoing in 2010 with the  equally provocative heading Newspapers are as dead as mutton – HG Wells, 1943 (No they’re not.) Now Cory Doctorow is saying yes they are. There is a lot of support for this view. Not just in the USA but around the world.
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