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9781740511384Bruce Maxwell and I used to work together and for some years he edited Discovery, the Cathay Pacific inflight magazine. He recently wrote to me:
‘I downloaded a book called Tilting at Windmills, published by the University of Adelaide, recently. It is sub-titled The literary Magazine in Australia 1968-2012.
On page 43 we encounter one Gareth Powell, the “girlie” publisher, who also it transpires first published Frank Moorhouse.’
After getting this note from Bruce I look up Tilting at Windmills: The Literary Magazine in Australia 1968-2012 by Philip Edmonds, University of Adelaide Press and find it is priced at $44. At which price I will pass. And the one review of the book that I have found suggests it is a lousy example of book editing. Still, I got a mention. Just barely. Pity it did not apparently mention Tony Morphett amongst others where I published their first book. Being a book publisher in Australia is not an easy life.
For the record, yes, I did publish Frank Moorhouse. Futility and Other Animals came out under the Gareth Powell Associates imprint in 1969. Which was a very long time ago. So I was the first publisher of Frank Moorhouse. Not an honour I take seriously.

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Welsh to the point of affectation. Retired publisher, journalist, author, truck driver, circus hand, sergeant. Lives in Australia and England. Prefers writing to almost any other human activity.

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