No driver means panic

Not that I am against cars that drive and navigate themselves. In fact, I am all for it. Especially as they have taken my license away and there is very little hope I will ever get it back. So I am at liberty to relax and wonder about the safety of these self-drive cars. I would be suspicious anyway but other things combine to raise by apprehension level.
SatnaverrorWhen I run in England I am in Storrington and my way is through a deer park. On the way there I pass a Roman Catholic Church. Nearby is a big sign.
It would matter not to me whether the sign was official or unofficial. If I was in a self-steer car it would frighten the living bejasus out of me. I would probably get out and walk.
How bad is the problem?
Earlier they had a conference in England – if disaster looms schedule a conference — and found the maps that satnav companies use are updated by new surveys, reports from highway authorities and by reports from users.
Different map makers require the data in different forms and the data comes in different forms, so it was agreed that a more streamlined approach across the industry – ‘report once, update many’ – would improve the process.
One quotation I particularly liked: While what is happening on the road should ideally be reflected in a driver’s device this is often not the case. It was reported during the Traffic Regulation Orders, changes to road numbering, road layout changes and route preferences by the highways authorities are essential to good maps but can sometimes be difficult to get hold of in a timely fashion. This can lead to situations where road signage and satnav information do not match, causing a crisis of confidence for the user who can then get into difficulties.
Me, I am glad I no longer have a licence.

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